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Enjoy the pictures and testimonials of  some of my past clients:


These guys had a mom that wanted to walk them all at the same time but it was a constant struggle and a battle for who would be first!
 "I was so pleased to see my dogs all walking together at the same time on the leash.  I have no more agressiveness issues, and I get a lot more rest now instead of spending my day taking each one separately and untangling my ankles!  It took a couple of weeks, but I did what she told me, and it worked out beautifully." - D. Russo, Houston, TX


"I tried getting Jake to stay in his pet crate for ages.  He would cry and fuss til I couldn't stand the noise, give up, and let him out.  He always 'won'.  Now that I've had the Dog Whisperer Houston visit, he is perfectly content to behave when in his crate. Thank you so much!"  - Victoria, Pasedna, TX


"Poor Mandy, our older dog, was being driven crazy by Stan, our new puppy.  I was worried that they would really hurt each other over toys and possessions, and had a fight or two already.  That's when I called Dog Whisperer Texas (Houston) and made an appointment.


Since her visit things are going great!  Stan has learned to have some manners and respect his elders, and Mandy is secure in knowing her golden years will be stress free!"

Below is Dumplin; a 5 month old Jack Russell Terrier.  Her owner originally called me because of housebreaking problems.  You see, Dumplin had never actually been outside with her feet on the ground!  She was a prime example of "Dog as Baby" and 'mom' was tired of cleaning up wee wee pads indoors.  It was an emotional hour, but we accomplished our mission and Dumplin could walk on a leash on both concrete and grass before I left!  
       "Thank you soooo much for helping me with Dumplin.  I am so glad I am no longer 'handicapping' her from being a normal, happy dog!"   S. Williams, Houston



"I was afraid that Guthrie was going to get seriously injured on his walks.  He was so agressive he would start growling when another dog was still a block away!  I made the phone call to DogWhispererTexas and no more problems!  I can't beleive it only took one visit and a little over an hour.  Now Guthrie and I have a great time on our walks." - S. Bartles, Houston

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